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workout for skinny guys

Posted by Kashif

I am 44 years but looks much younger than my age. It could be due to the fact I have a body like a 14 year old boy, skinny with narrow chest and narrow shoulders. My height is 5' 9" and weigh 159 Ibs. I am stuck on 159 Ibs number since I start working out 18 months ago. There is no change in my weight. It froze on 159. I do cardio for 20 to 30 minutes with some 15 minutes weight lifting after that, four times per week. I eat one banana, one apple, a fruit bar full with vitamins and minerals, pita bread and lentils and juice or milk before bed time. This is my regular everyday diet and workout plan. My goal is to look like a at least 30 year old man instead of looking like 14, although I am 44. I also want to develop biceps and chest muscles, but it looks like far from possible.

I believe I have given you enough information that you might need and now expect to hear back from you and your advice. Can I stop going to gym? It is not giving me any results. I am wasting my time and money and get frustrated when I see other men in gym with big bodies and big muscles. I can never have that type of body. My efforts and hard work is useless.

In addition, I had my blood test done and found out to have very low testosterone level and high estrogen. Is there any diet plan, exercise or supplements that could benefit me and make my hormones in balance. My testosterone level is 285. Please advise me on my both questions.



Re:workout for skinny guys

Posted by Paul

Here are my suggestions:

Stop all cardio, that is what people do when they want to lose weight not when they want to gain.

Workout with weights doing a full bodyworkout only 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

You need to eat more calories, protein and carbohydrates.

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