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Vegan Muscle Building Tips

Vegan Muscle building has exploded over the past five years.  More and more people are concentrating on a diet that is free from animal products.  There are so many reasons why a person may choose to be vegan such as health, environment, social, etc.

Like any diet, there are stumbling blocks that can get in the way of achieving the perfect physique. The three most common issues are discussed below with strategies on how to overcome them.

Not Getting Enough Sleep and Recovery

As a Type A person who is motivated to achieve their best form, it is easy to over-train.  Taking a day off is essential for not only building muscle but staying healthy as well.  Vegans are no different!


Aim for solid 7-8 hours+ each night and more when you are training heavily.  Use a sleeping app to track your patterns and measure your energy levels so that you can see what is working for you.


What is the difference between rest days and just being lazy? Again, everyone’s circumstances are different so how much recovery will depend on your situation.  If you feel as though you don’t want to sit around watching TV, you can opt for activities such as light running, swimming or riding a bike.  The action will pump blood to your recovering muscles and speed up rehabilitation.

Not Hydrating Enough

Water is used by the body to flush out toxins out of the muscles and to deliver vital nutrients muscles need to grow.  By not adequately hydrating you are creating a massive training obstacle for yourself.

It is important more so for vegans as they are on high fibre, high sodium diets (beans, etc.).  You can offset this by eating foods that have a lot of water such as; cauliflower, eggplant, wild blueberries.

The old fashioned recommendation was 8 cups or 2 litres every day.  Take this as a minimum.  If you are in a hot, dry environment, you will want to increase your water consumption drastically.

The best strategy that I have seen is to carry the largest practical drink bottle (2.2 litres) and finish a minimum of two of those each day.

Drink more and record in a workout diary how it makes you feel, such as more energized, bloated, etc.

Not Consuming Enough Calories

One of the main reasons that vegan bodybuilders fail to put on muscle mass is due to their diet. 

The major pain point in getting enough calories is the sheer amount of food one must eat to achieve a calorie surplus.  This problem is especially suffered by women.

However, there are some meal plans that a vegan, especially women who are interested in muscle gains, can follow to consume an adequate amount of calories.

A Vegan Bodybuilding 1 Day Meal Plan - Women

As we are aware, the surplus of energy that is left over at the end of the day is used by the body to put on weight.  Everybody is different, and there is a range of factors that decide how many calories you need each day.  Aim for 300-500 extra calories per day.  Track and examine how your body reacts to these additional calories over time and adjust as required.

Hope that you got some value from the strategies and plans above. For your reference, you can read more on the subject on building muscle on a vegan diet.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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