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Best Foods To Build Muscle

In addition to exercising, eating the right kind of foods is an essential step towards building muscle. Chips and many other types of junk foods are filled with empty calories and therefore, won't do you any good in terms of muscle building. In this scenario, you'd be better off eating a piece of chicken which contains more nutrients. If you are looking to build muscles, then you came to the right place. I am going to share some proven tips on the best foods to build muscle.


Yes, you had me right! Milk is actually great for body builders. "GOMAD" is a popular term used by bodybuilders that refers a Gallon of Milk a Day. While it might not be a good idea to drink a gallon of milk, you should definitely consider adding milk to your diet. Milk not only contains proteins, but also amino acids, which are essential to body building.


Beef is another great food type for beginner body builders. Red meat, in particular, contains proteins, creatine and minerals such as iron and zinc. These will increase your testosterone levels and help you build muscles fast. Beef is also a delicious food type that you will definitely enjoy with friends and family.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is very popular among body builders and one of my favorite food types. Peanut butter contains proteins, good fats and is high in calories. The best part about peanut butter is that you can use it on different types of foods such as bread, or simply take it as it is. You may also choose to take it as a pre- or post-workout snack. This is mainly because it also provides your body with energy.


It doesn't matter how you choose to prepare eggs, you'll still get a good dose of essential fats and proteins that will not only help build muscles, but also help your body function normally. Scrambled, friend or raw, eggs are a must when it comes to building muscles.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are perfect for body builders in more ways than one. In addition to providing your body with carbohydrates, sweet potatoes will provide you with the energy you need to go through a work out session. Most people prefer taking this food type right before or after working out. Just make sure you have some water or mild ready to soften it for swallowing.


Oysters contain proteins and zinc which help boost testosterone levels, which is essential for muscle growth. Adding this food to your diet will definitely help you realize great results in the shortest period of time. To most people, oysters are considered a luxury. Don't let this hold you back; oysters are not that expensive or hard to find. Now, you can impress your girlfriend with this lovely food while building your muscles.


Lentils contain an abundance of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. This food type is perfect for vegetarian body builders or individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from taking foods such as eggs and beef. There's no limit to the amount of lentils you can take in a day, as long as your stomach can handle it.


Everybody loves apples and body builders will love them even more. Apples contain fibers and assist in replacing electrolytes lost after a rigorous workout session. This fruit is also delicious and can be taken at any time of the day or night.

Cottage Cheese

Most body builders consider sleep as a recovery time after spending hours in the gym. Cottage cheese contains casein proteins, which provide your body with a slow but steady supply of amino acids. Taking cottage cheese right before going to sleep ensures you maximize your efforts even when you sleep. A mixture that I've seen work for me is that of cottage cheese and peanut butter. You'll not only sleep soundly but also build muscles while away in slumber land.

Olive Oil

Fats are not only great at regulating your body's immune system, but will also provide your body with enough calories required for muscle building. Olive oil will also provide your body with omega 3 acids as well as act as an anti inflammatory agent. The anti inflammatory properties will help reduce pains after hitting the gyms.

Muscle building is not an easy task as most of you may already know. There are just so many things you need to consider and things can get out of hand. However, the foods mentioned on this article have been tried and proven, and will definitely help you reach your fitness goals faster. In addition, it's important that you take a lot of water as you work out. Water is not only the substance of life, but also helps in digestion and in absorption of nutrients.

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