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morning workouts vs evening workouts

Posted by Jacques

Good day,

I need some help and advice please.

Currently Iím training at night[9pm-10pm], but Iím thinking of starting to train in the morning again due to my working hours. If I go in the morning I need to get up at about 3am or 3:30am and then train from 4am to 5am. Would it be beneficial to me to train that early in the morning if I want to gain mass and build muscle, or should I stick to training at night for that?

I also need some advice on my eating plan. I donít really have a eating plan or diet as such because of my budget that doesnít allow for that so I have to rely mainly on a mass builder shake and whole eggs. Would it be at all possible for me to bulk up and build muscle mainly on these and if so how should I go about with taking them for evening or night time training whichever you think would be best for me.

I would really appreciate some help on this as I have sent emails to various supplement companies here where I reside in South Africa but I am still waiting on a reply from all of them, just plain useless from their part if you ask me.

Thanking you in advance.


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