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lower chest workout routine

Posted by Joseph


I am Joseph, writing you from India, have read your article about Mr. Stanley. My Case is some what similar to him only. Let me brief you about my situation bcoz i really need some serious guidance from you. I am 27years old Male. around 6.1ft and 85Kg.

I have been training myself since 2years, very poor in working out for legs dont know why but i get bored of doing that. But my arms are good and shoulder is also good and god perfect v shape back. Regarding my chest i initially started doing chest of only flat bench..very rarely did my upper and lower chest. but since 6months i started working out for whole body sincerely. my problem is that i am not getting my lower side chest in perfect shape i.e around my nipple ares still some fats are there which is not burning properly. I hope this has been in many people's cases.

For this purpose i do chest regularly even if my schedule is for different part of body i do some lower chest like cable fly and dumbell pullover regularly. it feels good after doing exercise but on next day again it appears to be like that. Becasue of this i cant concentrate on other parts of body.

I really need ur guidance, kindly guide me how to schedule my workouts and how much to workout. I really need to make my chest in perfect shape..if i can get what i am aiming for then i can really concentrate on other parts of body too..Hope u understand my situation.

A word from you will be really nice.



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