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The Right Foods For Adding Lean Muscle Mass

Gaining mass and avoiding fat at the same time is no easy task. Most bulking diets include a margin of a few pounds that will likely be added to your body weight that is not muscle. Of course, ideally, you want to put on as much lean muscle as possible with little-to-no body fat. It was mentioned that it is not easy, but it is still possible.

The key is knowing the right foods that will add to your mass without adding to your body fat. You might even be surprised to learn just how many foods can fall into this category. Let's take a look at some of the best foods for adding lean muscle mass without packing on the unwanted body fat.

You Need Eggs

You may have seen the videos before of the bodybuilders who chug a gallon of raw egg yolks. They do this for a reason. You do not need to start chugging raw eggs to get the lean muscle building power they offer. Simply adding them to your meals at strategic times is a great solution.

Eggs are such an excellent food choice because they have cholesterol and protein. Protein is obviously a necessity as it is a primary building block of every muscle. However, it is not just the protein that makes the egg such a potent, lean muscle builder. It is also the cholesterol.

Cholesterol is not normally marketed as a good thing, but in reality, there is a good cholesterol and a bad cholesterol. The cholesterol found in the egg yokes actually helps lower the bad cholesterol in the body.

Some Rice Is Okay

Most people who want to eat healthy avoid white rice as it considered an empty calorie. That may be true of white rice, but brown rice is an entirely different story. Brown rice is the polar opposite of white rice and not just in terms of color.

Brown rice is actually a very good food choice if you are trying to build lean muscle mass while avoiding fat. It is packed with nutrients, contains plenty of fiber and has a decent amount of protein.

Eating brown rice can even result in a decent boost to Growth Hormone levels. These hormones help burn fat and promote muscle growth.

The Perfect Meal

There is no perfect meal, but if you can stomach chicken, eggs, and brown rice for every meal, then you will be doing pretty good in terms of lean muscle gain. Of course, there are still plenty of other foods that be used interchangeably. A few other options include:

- Grass fed beef

- Cantaloupe

- Organic milk

- Spinach

Aside from just the food you are eating, you also need to consider the time of your meals and the size of your portions. You need to consume more calories then you are burning during your workouts, but not so many calories that you push the fat storing process into overdrive. It is a tricky process, but if performed properly you can add powerful, lean muscle with very little body fat.

Jeff Elrod loves everything about family, sports and health and has developed a website to help families focus on staying active together. To learn more, visit FamilySportHealth.com.

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