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Easy Tricks and Tips for Body Building Competition

By: Nicky Flanders of liposuctioncost.com

Bodybuilders train and work hard for years to sculpt a perfect body that is ready for competition. Every competitive bodybuilder knows that in a competition it is often the smallest edge that results in winning or losing. They know the tips that make their bodies have that important edge that results in championships.

Body Building Competition Tips and Tricks

Diet – Everything a bodybuilder eats and drinks when sculpting their bodies is important. But, when it comes down to the final weeks before a competition, the diet takes on new significance. The bodybuilder who has been eating a diet that is high on proteins, carbohydrates and water should stick to the diet. A few days before the competition the body builder should begin increasing carbs and cutting back on the water intake a bit. This should fill out the muscles appropriately for the day of competition. One word of caution is not to go too high on the carbs or it will give the body a flat look. Try to concentrate on the abdomen, the abdomen should be flat preferably with abs. Some body builders resort to etching a type of
abdomen liposuction  that sucks away fats to reveal the abs.

Posing – Practicing posing routines is the way to ensure that the poses are perfect. One trick when posing is to hold each pose for at least 60 seconds when practicing. This will get the body and stamina ready for posing when on stage in a competition. The transition from one pose to another should be fluid and look effortless. Confidence in posing comes from continuous practice in the mirror to see how the body looks in the poses.

Start practicing the posing routine six weeks before the competition, and make sure the body juxtaposition enhances each pose. Keeping arms and hands close to the body and the head held high will accentuate muscle definition. Don’t hold a pose that is not working; instead, regroup and get back into the pose until the next pose is announced.

Tanning – Bodybuilders know that a tanned, well-oiled body can make the difference in competition. Many bodybuilders will use tanning beds to get a good base tan, and supplement the tanned look tanning products. Start practicing with different tanning lotions well before the competition to find the one that accentuates the body and the muscles. Practice putting tanning products on the whole body, including eyelids and ears. The sponge applicators that come with Turtle Wax are good for applying tanning products. It is important to know how many coats of the product are needed to create the perfect tan.

Exfoliate the body in the weeks preceding the competition, and moisturize the body well. Wax the body the week before the competition to get rid of any hair.

Muscle and Fat Composition – If there is still too much fat on the body, increase the cardio workouts before a competition. There are some fat deposits that no amount of cardio or muscle training seems to eliminate, especially around the neck area. Many body builders, male and female, resort to
neck liposuction to help with this problem area. Fat deposits in an individual’s neck gives an awful look of what we call turkey neck. There are some exercises to eliminate this kind of fat. Some people resort to neck liposuction. If the fat becomes stuborn.

Confidence – Walking on stage like a winner comes from knowing the body looks good, the swimsuit fits perfectly, and the posing routine is fluid. Confidence is not being cocky, but presenting an attitude of success and winning.

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