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building pectoral muscles

Posted by Tony

I have an odd question, yet it's simply a question about how the pectoral muscles grow. I've came across some old pictures/videos of bodybuilders like Arnold and Serge Nubret when they were young, like teenage young, and I've also seen some pics/videos of them a little bit later when they were in they're prime. I don't know if it was just how the shots were taken or what, but sometimes it seems like the very lower part of their chest looks thinner than some of the pics when they were younger. Please tell me I'm over-reacting, or is that simply how the muscles grow? I am new to bodybuilding and inexperienced, I know it seems like an odd question but it's been bothering me. Please someone do the best they can to answer this for me, and please be respectful, I am just confused on how my chest muscles grow.

Re: building pectoral muscles

Posted by Paul

If anything they just evened out their upper and lower chest development over time.



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