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bodybuilding the pump

Posted by defacto

I have been weightlifting for about six months now and have noticed that I feel a great pump in the triceps, biceps, and forearms on some days and none on others, am I doing something wrong?

My schedule is:

Monday - Triceps/Shoulders
Tuesday - Biceps/Chest
Wednesday - Forearms/Back/Legs
Thursday - Triceps/Shoulders
Friday - Biceps/Ches

Re: bodybuilding the pump

Posted by Paul

A good pump depends many, many factors such as sleep, nutrition, mental state, etc.

The point is keep reconds all all these things and when you had a great workout see what you did that hel;ps, and whne you have a bad workout, see what you did that held you back.



Re: bodybuilding the pump

Posted by Willie

I had the same problem...not sure why but after running some tests the doc found out I had low testosterone levels...after adding HRT I improved in all aspects of my life. More energy, more libido and a better mental outlook...started getting a pump at the gym also...at 45 your levels will be lower than when you were 20 something...at around 30/35 your levels start dropping and continue thru the rest of your life...HGH is the same...so check with your doc and see if he will run a test to check your test levels...if you are in the low range ask him for supplemental testosterone...been taking them for years and its helped me immensely...

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