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bodybuilding for older men

Posted by William

Old geezer - needs help

I’m not getting enough exercise, -- and I know it. My legs are getting weak and since my wife died, I have lost considerable weight (eating my own cooking – and too darn many TV diners, etc) Though still active, I’m 81 –I need a program that will help build my body up and improve my health (which by the way is excellent. (I take zero medications – and my Doc says I’m in perfect health – especially for 81) and also put some weight back on. Recently I decided I was getting too weak in the legs, (and now down to 158# from 195 - 10 years ago) I had no choice but to get off my butt and get started. So I purchased a 21. 0z bottle of Creatine Monohydrate – 100% pure powder – They say to take 5mg per serving – before and after exercise, three or four times a day for first seven days, and after 28 days, cut to only one serving a day. I notice it is close to your recommendation, but also noted your statement that "it can be reduced to less than 5mg. later and still get the same results”.

So – why am I writing you? In the past, I have been lax –and now need some regimen I can follow, (a schedule, so I will not forget.) After reading your facts and ideas on Creatine, I surmised you knew what you were talking about, and decided to get your advice on what an old fart needs to do to ‘bulk up’. My weak legs are more of a scary problem than my loss of weight.. OH, I have recently installed my own gym equipment, (old but working fine) in my workshop. . My opinion is, without improving my body, and mostly leg strength, I’ll probably be I a nursing home in less than 4-5 years – Being an extremely active guy all my life, Don’t think I could handle that.

Your help would be very much appreciated.



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